Career Tips

The purpose of a CV and Cover Letter is to get you an interview. Here are some helpful tips.

Tips on how to write a CV

  • It needs to show what you can do and why you are a good candidate for the position
  • Keep it short CVs are usually only two to three pages (keep it up to date with current information)
  • They need to be well organised, clearly set out and written in simple language
  • Always spell check or have someone else read it over to check for mistakes before sending
  • Style your CV to the position you are applying for and emphasis either your work history, skills or qualification that are relevant to that position.

What should your CV include:

  • Personal statement (reflects what type of person you are and work ethics)
  • List your current to past employers, position you held and a brief description of your role and responsibilities
  • Qualifications and skills (current first)
  • Educational qualifications (current first)
  • Hobbies and interest (this is optional)
  • Three referees

Tips on how to write a Cover Letter

  • Cover letters are usually no longer than one page
  • Address your letter to the relevant person
  • Start the letter by stating which position you are applying for and where you saw it advertised
  • Cover letter should give the employer an idea what type of person you are and what skills you could bring to the job
  • End by saying you are looking forward to meeting them for an interview.

Preparing for an interview

Interviews usually start with introductions followed by the interviewer(s) questions. Some employers give tests as part of their employment process which you should be advised of these prior to attending your interview.

  • Interviewing starts from the time you arrive
  • Do some back ground research on the business
  • Listen to the question and take your time to respond clearly, if you don’t understand the question ask for clarification
  • Don’t criticise previous employers or colleagues
  • Show confidence in your skills and what you can do and offer
  • Have some questions prepared for the interviewer.


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