Exhibitors – Terms and Conditions

By making a booking for a site at the Sort It Careers Expo, you (the Exhibitor) are entering into an agreement with Central Economic Development Agency (CEDA – the Organiser) and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Booking Exhibitor Site and Resources

1.1 Bookings must be made electronically by completing the Exhibitor Registration Form on the website – sortexpo.co.nz/register. Upon receipt you will receive via email a confirmation of your booking and costings.

2. Payment Terms

2.1 An invoice for the full booking costs will be issued after acceptance of registration. Full payment is due on the 20th of the month. If full payment is not received by 20 March 2020 and no prior arrangements have been made, the reserved exhibition space could be forfeited, and the space made available for resale.

3. Cancellation/Refunds

3.1 CEDA shall not be liable in any way if the Expo is postponed, cancelled or terminated because of a national emergency, riot, commotion, industrial dispute, NZ Government or local authority action, fire or any other matter or thing beyond the control of the Organiser or their agents.

3.2 CEDA must be notified by email of any cancellations. If you have already paid for your site, you may be eligible for a refund. Cancellations made 8 weeks or more out from the Expo will result in a full refund. Cancellations made less than 8 weeks but more than 4 weeks out from the Expo will result in a 50% refund and CEDA will retain half the costs paid by the Exhibitor. Cancellations made less than 4 weeks out from the Expo will not result in a refund and CEDA will retain all the costs paid by the Exhibitor.

4. Site Allocation

4.1 The sites will be allocated to Exhibitors based on their industry/study/service sector or vocational pathway. Sites will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

4.2 CEDA reserves the right to amend the floor plan or alter the exact location of the sites within the floor plan to accommodate sales. CEDA will endeavour to consult with the Exhibitors who are directly affected whenever possible and the Exhibitor undertakes to agree to such alteration(s).

5. Site Specifications

5.1 Site sizes are 3m x 3m, 6m x 3m or 9m x 3m. Sites include Velcro receptive wall panels. Carpet is supplied by the venue.

5.2 The Exhibitor must advise CEDA of any special requirements at least 3 weeks prior to the Expo date. All special requirements are subject to approval from CEDA.

6. Exhibitor Obligations

6.1 It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to educate attendees about the industry/product/service they represent in the most positive, competent, articulate and professional manner possible. Business casual attire is appropriate (we recommend wearing comfortable shoes).

6.2 Alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, disruptive and/or disrespectful behaviour are prohibited.

6.3 The Exhibitor must ensure that:
(a) The site is fully staffed and continually kept open throughout the course of the Expo;
(b)Walkways are always kept clear;
(c) The site is always kept clean and tidy and free from rubbish;
(d) Business is conducted in an appropriate manner from the site and consideration is applied to the venue, organiser, other Exhibitors and visitors.
(e) Health and Safety is abided by

6.4 The Exhibitor is required to arrange displays to not obstruct the general view or conceal other exhibits. Signs or banners are to be placed inside the site that is assigned to each Exhibitor.

6.5 Loudspeakers, radios, televisions, musical instruments, the operation of any machinery or equipment which is of enough volume to be distracting to neighbouring Exhibitors or Expo visitors are not permitted.

6.6 Fundraising for non-profit groups or charities will not be permitted.

6.7 All materials used in the Expo must be non-flammable and non
conforming materials must be removed immediately from the venue. All packing containers/rubbish is to be removed from the Expo floor.

6.8 As the Expo is aimed at visitors who may be under 18, and in order to comply with the venue’s Liquor Licensing requirements, no alcohol is served or given away from the Exhibitor’s sites or included in any prize draws.

6.9 Under the Terms and Conditions with the venue no food or beverage can be sold by Exhibitors at the Expo.

6.10 CEDA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss of or damage to or theft of property (including materials, displays and equipment) belonging to the Exhibitor.

7. Set-up and Pack-out

7.1 The Exhibitor must take care when installing/dismantling equipment as not to cause damage to the venue’s carpet, walls, floor and sites, including all panels, fascia and lighting.

7.2 Set-up is from 2pm – 7pm for Exhibitors on Wednesday 13 May 2020 only, unless prior arrangements have been made with CEDA.

7.3 Pack-out is from 8.30pm – 9pm on Thursday 14 May 2020. Dismantling of sites is not to occur until after the Expo closes; Exhibitors must not disrupt the Expo by dismantling early.

7.4 All exhibits must complete pack-out by 10am on Friday 15 May 2020.

7.5 The Exhibitor is responsible for arranging couriers and transportation of
exhibition equipment and exhibits to the Expo.

7.6 The Exhibitor will be solely responsible for the cost of remedying any damage and repairs caused to the venue’s carpet, walls and floors. All property damaged or destroyed by an Exhibitor must be replaced to its original condition at the expense of the Exhibitor.

8. Health & Safety Obligations

8.1 The Exhibitor must, always, comply with the venue’s regulations, policies and any other laws applying to the venue.

9. Insurance

9.1 By completing and submitting the Exhibitor Registration Form, the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CEDA and the venue from all claims, demands, damages, and liability of any kind, including loss, damage or destruction of property, breach of contract, injury, negligence, abuse or wilful misconduct on the part of any party.

10. Personal Information

10.1 CEDA complies with the Privacy Act 1993. Booking a space deems consent to receive promotional material about the Sort it Careers Expo and CEDA’s products. CEDA will only pass on Exhibitor’s information to third parties for the sole purpose of organising the Expo.

11. Expo Promotion

11.1 CEDA may produce an official programme listing Exhibitors for the Expo and will feature all Exhibitors on the Sort It Careers Expo website. CEDA accepts no responsibility for any misdescription or any other error. CEDA gives no warranty as to the type or extent of the promotion of the Expo or as to the attendance numbers.

11.2 By making a booking for a site the Exhibitor gives consent to CEDA to take and use photographs, images and any video footage of the Exhibitor, or the site during the Expo for any of CEDA’s promotional purposes in perpetuity in any media without any payment to the Exhibitor.

11.3 The Exhibitor is permitted to take a reasonable number of photographs for his/her/its own promotional and marketing use provided that the Exhibitor does not infringe CEDA’s intellectual property rights it holds in connection with the Expo.

12. Breach of Terms and Conditions

12.1 CEDA has the right to prohibit, prevent or remove any part of any exhibit deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for the purpose of the Expo.
12.2 In the case any Exhibitor’s fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions, CEDA may cancel the Exhibitor’s booking or may, during the staging of the Expo, ask any Exhibitor to vacate the venue. No refund or compensation will be payable to the Exhibitor if cancellation or removal. This may, at CEDA’s discretion, impact the Exhibitor’s future applications for a site at the Expo.

13. General

13.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New Zealand.

13.2 The Exhibitor will be liable to CEDA for all losses, unpaid accounts, interest, damages, costs, charges, fees and expenses incurred by CEDA as a result of the Exhibitor failing to comply with non-assignment provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

13.3 CEDA reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time and for any reason.

13.4 CEDA reserves, in its absolute discretion, the right to alter the dates of the Expo and will use all reasonable endeavours to provide the Exhibitors with reasonable prior notice of the change of date and will work with Exhibitors to accommodate the change. No refunds will be given to Exhibitors for any change of date.

14. Acceptance

14.1 The Exhibitor must read the Terms and Conditions and understand that this agreement is legally binding between CEDA and the Exhibitor.

Dated: October 2019