Careers in Space

With SpaceBase

Wednesday 11 November, 4pm

In this webinar you’ll hear from two world-renowned International Space Consultants about some of the exciting career opportunities that the exploration of Space allows.

Space is so much more than just launching rockets!

Space includes everything from manufacturing, to robotics, to using satellite data to track ships or steer tractors, and already space careers are helping to solve global problems and prepare us for a future quite different from what we know – such as thousands of people travelling to space.

Today, New Zealand companies are involved in a wide range of space activities, from building and launching satellites, to preparing to build structures, power sources, and food production on the Moon.

In this webinar, the team at SpaceBase will provide a short overview of space careers, what this could mean for you, and answer any questions you have about the future for New Zealand in space.

View the Careers in Space presentation here.

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