Sort It Online 2020

Sort It Online is a new platform that gives students, jobseekers and anyone interested in jobs in Manawatū and beyond, easy, worthwhile ways to connect with local employers and training providers virtually.

What is Sort It Online?

Sort It Online is made up of two components, the Online Webinar Series and the Sort It Event App.

  • Sort It Online Webinars will be presented over four weeks, with businesses and training providers leading each one so attendees can get an insight into different industries or career pathways.
  • The Event App features these local employers and training providers and more, so attendees can contact them directly and ask questions about current availability or discuss what they heard during the webinars. The App will also feature some great career tips and tools.

Who is Sort It Online for?

Sort It Online is designed for students, graduates, jobseekers and their support crews to be able to connect with potential employers and training providers. If you are considering your current or future job and career options – or you know someone who is – then Sort It Online is for you!

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