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We’ve created Sort It Online, so exhibitors can connect with students and jobseekers virtually.  

25 May – 19 June 2020

Traditionally, Sort It has been a full-day expo with thousands of people coming through the doors. But with what’s going on in the world right now, we’ve moved Sort It online, which means as an exhibitor you can still connect with students and jobseekers virtually.  

This new online format will allow employers, educators and training providers, to connect with students, graduates, or jobseekers directly.

What does exhibiting in 2020 look like?

Sort It Event App

The Sort It team are currently developing an event app that will connect exhibitors with attendees (youth, job seekers and parents), showcase great career tips and tools, and encourage attendees to explore various industries and career pathways. By exhibiting your key company information will be listed and you will be discoverable by all attendees.

Sort It Webinar Series

Webinars will highlight key industries and training pathways to our attendees by putting a spotlight on local businesses and training providers. The webinars will be approx. 30 minutes long including a presentation from a business leader or industry expert and a chance for live Q&A with attendees. Multiple webinars will be held live and recorded and hosted on the Event App and website so people can discover, share and re-watch at their convenience. As an exhibitor you can host or participate in a webinar relevant to your industry or skill set.

Key Information and Costs

It’s FREE! All participation for exhibitors will be free this year, with CEDA (Central Economic Development Agency) absorbing the costs of the app and webinar platforms.

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